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Destination Poudreuse, When exceptional skiing becomes an adventure


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Destination Poudreuse, When exceptional skiing becomes an adventure

Because you can't forget the unique sensation of sliding on untouched snow and the pleasure of first tracks, Destination Poudreuse was born to offer thrill lovers this magical moment where the constraints of skiing are suspended.

"I travelled a lot before setting up my travel agency in 1998 specialising in heli-skiing, cross-country skiing and guided off-piste skiing," explains the passionate Thomas Leufen. "We offer exceptional sports experiences across the globe that are always like unique internal adventures."

Located in the heart of the European Outdoors, the family business offers trips adapted to all levels. "Whether they are 100% sport, essential discoveries, or exceptional desires, our programmes are designed around skiing, safety and smiling. So, from the beginner to the bold Alaskan corridor enthusiast, everyone will live a tailor-made experience, where safety is the top priority". By choosing CMH Heli-Skiing, the largest heli-skiing company in the world, Destination Poudreuse ensures its customers not only the best off-piste descents, but also top-notch safety. "With over 60 years of experience, MH Heli-Skiing organises in-depth briefings and practical exercises beforehand as well as a recce by certified guides before each descent, ensuring an unforgettable and safe experience."

With 28 years of experience in exceptional stays, Destination Poudreuse's expertise in high-end travel no longer needs to prove itself. "The secret to our success lies in the philosophy of listening, adapting and meeting the highest standards. Each request is treated with care, to make the trip unique and memorable."

Excellence which allows them today to work with the greatest. "We are very proud to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to ski with Luc Alphand and Enak Gavaggio! This adds a touch of prestige to already exceptional experiences, especially since these great athletes are extremely affordable. Like all the greats they adapt to their environment, so no need to be an Olympic medalist to go to Canada with these winter sports stars."

And because there is nothing better than relaxation after a day of exertion, the après-ski is thoughtfully prepared for memorable moments, equally appreciated by those who came alone. "Our skiman allows our customers to change equipment every day if they wish, whilst the chefs are working hard in the kitchen!"

Whether you are in a group or solo, Thomas Leufen, his wife Christina and their son Mathias will be able to establish a tailor-made programme for those who are eager to discover Canadian peaks, Japanese powder snow, Alaskan corridors, but also skiing in Turkey, Iceland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Chile... Helicopters, unforgettable descents and memorable evenings in lodges surrounded by exceptional nature, isolated at the end of the world. It's your move!

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