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A family story in the heart of the Aravis mountains


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A family story in the heart of the Aravis mountains

In the heart of the Aravis mountains, Élise Veyrat has breathed new life into a gastronomic and hotel gem: le Hameau de mon Père.



The daughter of the famous chef with the hat, the young woman is carrying on the family tradition with talent and ambition, while adding her own personal touch.
"Our aim is to offer guests a unique experience that combines authenticity, refinement and culinary heritage, not only through the location but also through local cuisine," says Élise Veyrat, the guardian of this tradition. In the main chalet, now transformed into a restaurant, Élise works with her father's kindness to create a unique cuisine inspired by wild herbs and local produce. Exceptional recipes with a feminine touch of creativity, to be savoured in an enchanting setting.

The generational transition has been a smooth one. "After being awarded 3 stars twice and 20/20 twice, I decided to hand over the keys to my daughter Elise," confides Marc Veyrat. Elise, who trained in hotel management and cooking with the greatest chefs, blends her father's culinary identity with his gentleness and friendliness. A successful alliance where tradition and innovation meet in harmony.

Full of desire and ideas, Élise is an entrepreneur in every field. "We have set up additional services to anticipate our customers' needs". With Valentin's help, the businesswoman has developed a luxury concierge service, "Les Clés des Aravis", offering personalised services to a premium clientele. "We listen to our customers and anything is possible, because we manage all the services in-house, via our catering, hotel and linen services".

For days when the restaurant is closed, or simply to enjoy some of the Hameau's gastronomy at home, the chef offers "Le Grenier d'Elise Veyrat", a takeaway delicatessen.
Élise also aims to transform this place, which brings her so much serenity, into a privileged space for private and professional events for a day, a weekend or more. "We would like to develop privatisation for seminars, events and weddings".

In this idyllic setting, with its small cottages, chapel, bread oven and botanical garden, the place seems perfect for timeless moments, lulled by nature and tradition.
Under Élise's leadership, Le Hameau de Mon Père embodies a new era in gastronomy and hospitality, where family heritage and innovation come together to give a new first name to the Veyrat name.


To discover this emotional and sensory journey:

368, impasse des Maisons des Bois 74230 Manigod

04 50 60 00 00 -

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