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Paolo, clothing men with natural elegance


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Paolo, clothing men with natural elegance

As far as he can remember, Thomas Achaintre has always liked ready-to-wear clothing. So much so, that as soon as he was of the age to do an internship, he plunged into this world of beautiful fabrics, impeccable lines and perfectly tailored suits.

Launched into working life from an early age, he worked his way up the ranks, until his family life led him to Annecy where he opened his own shop, Paolo, in 2017 on an elegant street in the centre of town.

”What I enjoy the most, is taking customers by their hand, and looking after them from start to finish. Nothing matters more to me than bringing satisfaction to those who trust in my work.” It is therefore in a chic and relaxed atmosphere that he dresses them from head to toe. Whatever the age, whatever the body shape, he finds the jacket, the shoes and the trousers to suit the client. He does it so well, that for the past 5 years, the news has spread through word-of-mouth, that their way of working is different to others and that they truly live up to the meaning of the word ‘service’.

”Our added value lies in our skill, so much so that we are opening a new shop next door, on 8 rue du Lac, to create a fitting room dedicated to tailor-made suits and weddingwear.”

Trained in Milan with the best, Thomas continues to travel to Italy every two months to hunt down new brands and perfect his training with the master tailors from the brand Corneliani, his main supplier. He sometimes takes a few lucky customers with him, for an extraordinary customer experience! ”Our bespoke area is only accessible by appointment, and a beautiful array of sportswear occupies the space in the neighbouring Paolo boutique. Our goal is to bring our motto to life: “La sprezzatura” which means that to be chic is an art that is worked on but appears effortless.» A whole experience from the passionate man who has made his childhood dream a reality.

Discover the boutiques in the heart of Annecy.

8 rue du Lac 74000 Annecy
04 50 10 03 18


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