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The passion of Interior Architecture elevated to the rank of Art

Studio MAAM

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The passion of Interior  Architecture elevated  to the rank of Art

In the vast universe of interior architecture, a unique duo is emerging: Agata Lesiecki and Men Rabearivelo. Graduates of the Paris-Malaquais school, the creators of  MAAM studio embody a vision of the profession, made up  of harmony and rigour. In perfect synergy, Agata’s creative  talents complement Men’s technique and together they  shape elegant projects with precision. 

After starting their careers in Paris, the couple were guided to the  peaceful shores of Lake Annecy in 2016. They decided to combine  their skills and put their know-how and expertise at the service of  ”projects carried out to the millimetre”. 

From imposing chalets and sumptuous villas between lakes and  mountains to the French Riviera, MAAM Studio has made a name  for itself. Whether it is creating luxurious spaces or more sober  places, they have the codes and know how to deal with natural  elements such as light and matter. ”Our role is to harmonise  interiors and get to the essentials with elegance by creating living  spaces, combining ergonomics and sobriety. Our vision of luxury  is not limited to the presence of expensive objects, but rather lies  in the creation of a fully personalised project, corresponding to  our customers’ art de vivre.” Every millimetre counts, and their  experience in customising layouts gives them the advantage of  being able to offer their customers a unique interior perfectly  adapted to their needs. 

A hallmark that manifests itself in soft and harmonious colours,  adapted to each site. “Listening is essential in our job; it helps  us understand each other’s desires and needs.” An empathetic  approach that makes it easy to talk to this enthusiastic duo. 

They are demanding when it comes to attention to detail, because  they know that craftsmen are the hands that give life to their  creations and contribute to the quality of the project. Discreet  and yet omnipresent, Agatha et Men work in an almost totally  dematerialised way. “Thanks to remote communication and 3D  tools, we are very flexible and follow our customers where their  projects take us. They can quickly and easily project themselves  into their future living space.”  

From the big work to the small spoon, MAAM Studio will be by  your side throughout your project to create worlds of comfort with  discreet elegance. A timeless style, beauty is passed on.

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